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Our latest campaign for 2021.


Blimey 2020 was tough. And 2021 didn’t start off too well either. 

The Arts and Cultural Sector have been devastated by the pandemic. And there are lots of fantastic programmes, campaigns and initiatives to bolster and lobby for the sector, and our cultural heart and soul. Like #ArtIsEssential, launched by CVAN and Matthew Burrows’ Artists Support Pledge.

We’re doing our own little campaign here at Open Hand Open Space. And we’re hoping you can help us nurture and grow our idea not only to support a wonderful new exhibition now, but also to help us invest in artists in the future.

With our eyes set on creating new opportunities post-lockdown, we’re raising money to supplement the budget for a new exhibition and a series of new commissions by talented emerging artists, in July 2021.  We haven’t far to go.  But these funds are critical to ensure that our first major exhibition post lockdown, and our first exhibition in our new reimagined independent space, delivers the exciting programme of outreach work we have planned to the widest possible audience, and pays everyone properly. Including our organiser Peter Driver. Who’s currently working for free. Because he believes in the work, and in OHOS. 

The artists for ‘Beyond Otherness’ are:

Nacheal Catnott

G.K Field

Thirsika Jeyapalan

Maryam Kazimi

Ollie Musson

Tomilola Olumide

Oren Shoesmith

And the guest chair for the symposium on 17th July  is the wonderful Harold Offeh.

Anything raised beyond the target will be reinvested in commissioning new work from emerging artists, bringing international artists to Reading to engage with our creative and wider communities, and to give a platform to recent graduates. 

It’s tough out there, and we can help. With your help. 

We are grateful to have received financial and in-kind support for the project from a collection of fantastic friends and supporters.

But, we’re still looking for cash donations first (click HERE  to donate the price of a latte or a pint that you aren’t currently drinking in your local) but would also welcome pledges of in kind support - like volunteers to help invigilate, or materials for the workshops we’ll be running. If we don’t have to pay for it, we can invest the money that would have been spent into commissioning new work. Email us info@ohos.org.uk

We would be DELIGHTED if you would join in, by donating to this campaign. Please share the fundraiser far and wide and follow us on Twitter @ohosinfo and on Instagram @openhandopenspace And maybe use the hashtags #beyondotherness #contemporaryart #rdguk

Thank you.