Studio Membership

Studios members have the privilege to enjoy a space to create art in a thriving community of artists at relatively low rents. Studios are situated in the Victorian armoury and guardroom that was once part of Brock Barracks, currently occupied by Open Hand Open Space. Please note that there is currently a waiting list for studio membership and as some studios are shared, there is a current maximum of 13 studio artists.

Selection Criteria

Our aim is to maintain the highest standards, while allowing room for artists to develop and grow. Our selection process aims to ensure applicants are right for us. A new artist becomes part of the organisation, and must commit to helping us flourish as a group.

While not all of the following are requirements, these are some of the categories we consider when selecting new artists:

Studio artists must also have personal a-n AIR membership with public liability insurance (by being a member of

Studio artists may not using the studio for running a business (stipulated in OHOS rules/constitution), but artists may invite visitors to their studios and sell work. OHOS was set up for the “non-commercial” artist, defined by the National Federation of Artists’ Studio Providers as “one who makes art work primarily for its creative, cultural, intellectual or philosophical value, rather than its commodity value.”


Rents currently range from £50 to £144 per month. All new members are voted on by current artists.

To apply, please send a cv, six images of your work and an artist statement to

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